Project Name:
Nike Store

Lead Architect:
Babak Baharestani

Design Team:
Saman Yamini, Mohammadreza Noormhammadi, Sarvenaz Kalhornia

Structure Engineering:
Behrang Baniadam

Light Designer:
Hooman Kamali

Paladium shopping mall, Mahmoodiye, Tehran, Iran

600 m2


Project Nike store, in one of the most commercial centers of Tehran "Palladium Shopping Center" are located on the Moghadas Ardebili St. This store is in two the floor is about 500 square meters in size, on the northern side of the Palladium food court. This Nike store is one of the most important in terms of location, size and variety of goods most of the stores in this brand are in Iran. And how to make this standard is not as well studied Nike Store Design the Nike store according to the common standards Materials commonly used in projects Nike began efforts of the design team for the project was that, while observing the standards, design creativity in layout and design plans, according to the elements of architectural, lighting, special space and operational details of the to do. Use ceiling involvement in the design of the store in addition to the higher altitude, the commercial interior design projects has helped to create a modern environment. Since the two-story store was originally two separate floors, two floors and a convenient location for its design, staircase between the two floors in German index turned this project. The design of the staircase suspended with sheet metal thickness of 5 mm was, on the stairs of the Church of unused structures and from start to finish stairs designed a fabric and connected together. Coloring the conflict under the stairs to the prominence of these elements has also helped. Tall and dark-colored wall next to the stairs as screen promotional videos so that viewers through different sensory experience understands this space. Lighting designer lighting project-specific basis in the store using degrees. Optical materials that show the natural color of goods. To achieve this, part of the lights Shop for this project was designed and built. Different lighting store the final result of the design team is the group's work. Nike palladium project is an example of successful interaction between the designer and the client in order to achieve a result that is favorable. The store also meets the performance requirements and personnel authorities, standardization of the global brand, to build a space with architectural quality as well.