saye architects

“Saye Architects”, which is based in Tehran, has been founded by “Babak Baharestani” in 2002. The office since its establishment has designed projects on different scales and with different functions. The objective of “Saye Architects” is to design diversity of projects to create a different spatial sense and to develop the perception of spaces for its users. As a result, "Saye’ Architects" focuses on Iranian traditional architectural approaches and the pure concept of it according to modern methodologies, facilities, and experiences. According to the combination of these two phenomena, "Saye’ Architects" is to create original modern architectural designs reflecting the soul of its home town. Additional to taking care of the needs and requirements, our aim in designing is to create a cultural occasion. By this attitude, besides the developing of experiences, though different forms, functions, and positions, within years, we are working on projects as a whole which is changing and developing in appearance but not in concept.