Project Name:
Parnian Residential Building

Lead Architect:
Babak Baharestani

Design Team:
Saman Yamini, Nasim Izadpanah, Mohammadreza Noormohammadi, Sarvenaz Kalhornia, Armin Shayanpour, Anna Akhlaghi, Haniye Salamat

Structure Engineering:

Mechanical Engineering:

Niavaran, Tehran, Iran

Ali Daghigh, Babak Baharestani

Mr. Azodifar, Hoseyni, Baharestani

2700 m2


Parnian Residential Project: Looking for solutions to constraints and demands! The residential construction project is located in Jamalabad area of Niavaran neighborhood. This project has twelve housing units, related service and collective spaces. The main designing theme of this housing was to find an architectural solution to the existing needs and limitations. The dominant attitude of project's envelope was to modify the interior space, based on shaping an environment with suitable proportions and dimensions, which, finally, resulted in folded surfaces of the envelope, due to the sharp angle of the plan. The building roof required higher exhaust heights in order to obtain better drainage, which, led to designing of some volumes on the roof, which, in addition to solving the demands of the facility requirements, created a different space. In this residential, the design strategy, which is shaped architecturally and aesthetically, aimed to response to some specific demands of the project.