Project Name:
Mosul Residential Complex

Lead Architect:
Babak Baharestani

Design Team:
Kasra Karami, Nima Forouzandeh, Mahtab Gharleghi

Mosul, Iraq

Rifat Chadirji Foundation

600 m2


The project aims to create a healthy and social environment for the residents to heal their wounds affected by the war. There are a number of elements that leaded to the concept of design; The people need to have a strong social relation and the relationship between families and neighbors needs to be rebuilt, so the design create prioritized shared open spaces to strengthen the connection among neighbors; there will be court-yards for each family, shared yards for every three or four families, and a general pedestrian area with more functions for the whole neighborhood. The other matter that has been considered in the design is placing a dynamic space for each family to be designed by them as they need. The war destructed many of Mosul infrastructures alongside the bases of people's regular lifestyle. The offices, the workshops, the malls and most the work places are destructed and couldn't be used, also the transportation infrastructures are damaged, and there is no easy way for people to move with vehicles, and get to the places they want. So the design considered to create a space for them to use as a temporary work place or another living area for now, and be used as vehicle parking and storages for the future. There isn't pressure for people to be in high-rise buildings that are only dorms and make lots of psychological problems in the near future, this project is a sustainable design to be used for a long period of time.