Project Name:
Saye Art Gallery - Karim khan

Lead Architect:
Babak Baharestani

Design Team:
Mahdi Mirjalili, Reza Khan Mohammadi

Karim-khan Tehran, Iran

Fardid Khadem, Babak Baharestani

Saye Art Gallery

350 m2


Two ideas in the design of the Saye Art gallery project were considered. First, the use of light in Temple of Mitra in the center of Iran, which is an ancient monument. A building that over thousands of years continues to appeal to spatial purity and attracts the audience to combine nature and architecture. The development of this idea has been demonstrated in the water pond inside the gallery, which is part of the design of the exhibition space.
Secondly, is a picture of the first plays in Iran during the Qajar period, which presents the showers and the group of music performances. This image inspires project design.